March 10, 2009

What next? Not socialism...

For our next party/exhibit, we've asked you to contribute ideas to the theme 'What's Next? Ideas for New Economic Thought.'
Around Berlin now we see posters from the old left-wing organizations announcing 'Marx is Back!' But in this article in The Nation, several socialists have declared their ideology unfit for office.

"With both long-term biological and day-to-day economic survival in doubt, the only relevant question is: do we have a plan, people? Can we see our way out of this and into a just, democratic, sustainable (add your own favorite adjectives) future? Let's just put it right out on the table: we don't," wrote Barbara Ehrenreich and Bill Fletcher Jr - two socialist thinkers.
"At least we don't have some blueprint on how to organize society ready to whip out of our pockets. Lest this sound negligent on our part, we should explain that socialism was an idea about how to rearrange ownership and distribution and, to an extent, governance. It assumed that there was a lot worth owning and distributing; it did not imagine having to come up with an entirely new and environmentally sustainable way of life."

Capitalism is failing, and now even socialists think their ideas won't work. What's next?